Frequently asked questions.

We’re simplifying many aspects of the rental studio experience, from equipment rentals to billing. We have six fully equipped digital still life studios. Each with a digital capture workstation and an equipment wall designed to provide a smooth workflow for a still life shoot. The equipment wall contains the essentials: packs, heads, reflectors, stands, grip, etc. You’ll find camera systems, specialized equipment and large items such as: Kiniflo’s, HMI’s, roller stands, etc. in our equipment room.

In addition, we've added a set cart and flat file to each studio, stocked for a still life shoot. Bestine, Plexiglass cubes, wax, armature wire, cotton gloves, gaffer's tape, etc. Each drawer labeled and stocked the same way, regardless of which studio you’re shooting in. So you'll always know where to look. Use all the supplies you need, they’re included in the flat rate.

Please browse through our website and if you’re confused about any aspects of Noho Productions, please call our office at 212-228-4068 and we will be happy to to speak with you.

Our all-inclusive flat rates simplify estimating and billing as well. One price covers it all. No equipment budgets to worry about. Use whatever you need from each studio’s equipment wall, set cart, flat file or our equipment room. It’s all included in the flat rate. No itemizing and counting at the end of the job.

Our flat rates cover supplies and expendables, as well. You won’t find any charges for tape, canned air, cotton gloves, seamless paper, etc. on your invoice. It’s all included in the flat rate. Kind of like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The “all-inclusive” flat rates range from $1,600 to $3,750 per day, depending on the studio and option package chosen. Our full package flat rate (Option A) includes: studio rental, lighting/grip, camera system, digital back, digital workstation, basic supplies including seamless paper, and a digital technician in your studio for the day. We also offer two less expensive options (Options B and C) which exclude our digital technician and digital back if you don’t need them.

Here's a link to our rates.

Yes. If you shoot more than 3 consecutive days in a row, the 4th and 5th day are billed at a 25% discount. (Previously it was 50% discount.) For example, if you book Studio #2 (Option A) for 5 consecutive days, the first 3 days will be billed at $3200/day and the last 2 days will be billed at $2400/day, an $800/day discount. If your job is 10 consecutive days, 6 days will be billed at full rate while 4 days will be billed at a 25% discount.

No. Some clients will use less, some will use more. In the end we think it will all average out. And we won’t have to waste your time counting every A-clamp that was used. Or how many feet of seamless paper were used. The flat rate will cover equipment and supplies used for the day. If people want to take supplies home with them, then there would be a charge for the purchase.

Our rates are the same regardless of how much or how little equipment and other amenities you use. We’ve made a large investment equipping Noho Productions and must bill our new flat rates in order to run a profitable business. If you don’t need any services other than studio space, there are other rental studios in New York that would be more appropriate for your needs and we are happy to recommend them to you. Just call us at 212-228-4068.

In general, there is no limit to the amount of equipment included in the flat rate. However, we ask that people keep equipment use to a reasonable level and only take equipment into their studio that they are going to use. We would consider 20 packs and heads unreasonable, however 8 packs and 10 heads would be fine. More than 8 packs starts to push the limits of the electrical power within each studio, as well.

The flat rates are designed to cover a reasonable amount of equipment used for one set. We may restrict the amount of equipment covered by the flat rate if multiple sets are being built in the same studio. Although we don’t mind if more than one set is being built if the total amount of equipment used does not become unreasonable.

The flat rate covers one camera and digital back set up per studio. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need to use a very large amount of equipment and would like to discuss whether we will include it within our flat rate.

The flat rate includes unlimited (within reason) access to the Noho equipment room. We are happy to subrent other brands or specific pieces of equipment for you, however, there would be an additional rental charge for that item.

Yes, we are happy to accommodate weekend bookings. We charge the same flat rates on the weekends that we do during the week. So feel free to schedule weekend shoots if it’s more convenient for you.

No. While we’ve designed Noho Productions with the needs of still life photographers in mind, we welcome all photographers to shoot here, of course. As in the past, beauty and portrait photographers should find Noho Productions well suited for their jobs as well.

On any given day, you’ll find a diverse group of professionals at Noho Productions creating images for both advertising and editorial use. Although still life is our specialty, shoots run the full gamut, including beauty, fashion and celebrity portraits.

A number of photographers and photo editors have found the privacy, as well as the quiet and relaxed atmosphere at Noho Productions desirable for their celebrity shoots. Some of the more notable celebrities photographed at Noho are:

Ben Affleck, Mayor Bloomberg, Matthew Broderick, Garth Brooks, Steve Bucemi, Jackie Chan, Chevy Chase, David Chappelle, Claire Danes, David Duchovny, Brandon Fraser, James Gandolfini, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jeff Goldblum, Cuba Gooding Jr., John Goodman, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Helen Hunt, Samuel L. Jackson, Alicia Keyes, Greg Kinear, Nathan Lane, John Leguizamo, Mike Myers, Matthew Perry, Christina Ricci, Raymond Romano, Britney Spears, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Christopher Walken.

We get asked this a lot. We’re sorry, but we do not rent our studios for parties. We’ve decided to stick to what we do best - photo shoots.

Please call us when you know the dates that you will need a studio as well as your studio preference. Depending on availability, you may either book a studio or hold a studio with a first or second tentative option.

A “first tentative” hold or option means that the studio is being held for you, however, you have not booked (confirmed) the studio yet and therefore are not financially responsible for the booking yet. You may hold the studio as a “first tentative”, until someone else is ready to book (confirm) the studio on that day. At that point, we will call you to exercise your option to book the studio, or you may release the studio so we can accept the other booking.

A “second tentative” hold or option means that someone else has a “first tentative” option already. When you are ready to book (confirm) the studio yourself, we will call the “first tentative” and ask them to either book or release the studio. If they release the studio, it will then be confirmed in your name. If they book the studio we will let you know which other studios are available on that day.

To book (confirm) a studio, we will need a valid credit card number as you are now financially responsible for the booking. This is for security only. You may pay for your invoice by check, cash or credit card.

Once you book (confirm) a studio, you are financially responsible to pay for the booking, so obviously you should not book a studio until you have confirmation that the job will occur on that date.

Once confirmed, if you do need to cancel the booking, the following cancellation fees will apply. If you notify us within 48 hours (weekday hours) of the booking, a 100% charge will still apply. If you notify us prior to 48 hours (weekday hours) of the booking, a 50% charge will apply.

However, if we are able to replace your booking with another booking on that day, the cancellation fee will be waived.

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

The day begins at 8:30am and ends at 5:30pm. You are always welcome to stay as late as you need to, however, overtime charges will apply. Overtime charges occur when the studio is occupied before 8:30am or after 5:30pm. The last person to leave the studio must notify us in the office so we can ”stop the clock” and sign you out.

Please notice that we’ve kept our overtime rates very reasonable. You can take the time you need without worrying about exorbitant OT charges.

No, we’re sorry, but we don’t adjust our rates to accommodate different clients or budgets. Our rates reflect the amount we need to charge to cover our expenses and make a reasonable profit. We publish our rates for everyone to see and thus avoid turning each job into a price negotiation. We think it’s the simplest and fairest way to do business with all of our clients.

No, unfortunately, we don’t. We’ve found there to be too many schedule problems. In the past, we tried to accommodate tests but increasingly needed to cancel them at the last minute because of new bookings.

These last minute cancellations would inevitably lead to much disappointment for everyone involved. As these cancellations became more frequent, we found it necessary to discontinue offering this service.

Yes. The address to our freight elevator is 170 Crosby St. The freight entrance is open from 8:30am - 4:45pm. After 4:45pm the door will be closed, but if you press the buzzer, we will be happy to open it up at any time. All freight (large boxes, hand trucks, dollies, garment racks, etc.) must enter and exit the building via the freight elevator.

The length is 77 1/2”. The width is 54 1/2”. The ceiling height is 92”. The door to the freight elevator is 39 3/4” wide and 80” high. One 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood will just fit into the elevator diagonally. A 12’ long backdrop will not fit into the freight elevator and will have to be walked up the stairway.

All of our studios have a ceiling height of 12 feet.

Noho (North of Houston Street.) is the name of the neighborhood we are located in. It is part of Greenwich Village and borders Soho (South of Houston Street).

Thank you for your interest. Please contact Paul Grand, the owner. Email is probably the best way: