About Noho Productions

We’ve designed our studios to feel less like a “rental studio” and more like “your studio”. We did this by simplifying as many aspects of the rental studio experience as possible. Hence our tag line : “A simpler way to shoot still life.”

Take a look inside Noho Productions...

Eight state-of-the-art digital still life studios.

Since our beginning in 1993, we’ve focused on still life photography. We've taken all that we've learned from hosting thousands of still life shoots and made our best effort to address those needs in our studios. We think you’ll find our experience and understanding of still life photography unique among rental studio facilities.

Range of studio sizes.

Eight studios, 700 sq. ft. - 2000 sq. ft. each, allow you to choose the most comfortable studio for each job.
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Lower rates.

Because many of our studios are smaller (we have three studios 1000 sq. ft. or less), they cost less. And by choosing a studio size appropriate for each job’s requirements, you avoid paying for more space than you need.
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Lower overtime rates.

Shooting late? It’s never a problem. We’ve kept our overtime rates low so you can take the time you need. Our studio overtime rates range from $75 to $165 per hour. Our digital technician overtime rate is $75 per hour.

Flat rate billing.

Our all-inclusive flat rates simplify the entire rental process. We offer three billing options when renting one of our studios. Our full package flat rate (Option A) includes: studio rental, lighting/grip, camera system, digital back, digital workstation, basic supplies and a digital technician. We also offer two less expensive options (Options B and C) which exclude our digital technician and digital back if you don’t need them. All three options cover our entire arsenal of equipment and tools for your job. Use everything in your studio and enjoy full access to our entire equipment room full of equipment. It’s all included in the flat rate. Kind of like an all-you-can-eat buffet.
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Large equipment room.

Our equipment room is extensive and well stocked with a special emphasis on still life. We stock the latest Phase One digital backs (7 backs in-house), Sinar view cameras, Hasselblad H system, Canon digital SLR’s, Foba camera stands, Pro-7 strobe system w/ accessories, Arri (Tungsten and HMI), Dedolight (Tungsten and HMI), Kinoflo, Matthews and Avenger grip, and much more. And our studio flat rates (all options) include unlimited access to our equipment room. Use all you need.

Studio equipment wall.

Each studio contains an equipment wall designed to provide a smooth workflow with less time wasted traveling back and forth to our equipment room. Each equipment wall is stocked with the essentials: Pro-7 flash equipment (packs, heads, cables, reflectors, grids, etc.), lots of grip, apple boxes, flags, silks, scrims, sandbags, light banks, saw horses, and a huge assortment of clamps and attachments selected with the still life photographer’s set needs in mind.

Camera systems, specialized equipment and larger items, such as HMI’s, Dedolights, Kinoflo’s, roller stands and 4’x8’s, are available in our well stocked equipment room.

Digital services.

We offer complete digital capture packages. We stock Phase One IQ250, IQ260 and IQ280 digital backs, which fit on our Hasselblad H system and Sinar view cameras. We have a large stock of Hasselblad lenses and Schneider Digitar large format lenses. For those preferring 35mm, we stock Canon digital SLR's and a large selection of Canon lenses including tilt/shift lenses.

But most important is our digital support and team of experienced digital techs ensuring your job runs as smooth as possible. Our digital capture services are available in studio and on location.

Digital capture workstation.

Each studio contains a rolling digital capture workstation equipped to handle the most demanding digital capture needs. Includes: 12-core Mac Pro (cylinder) computer, two Eizo Color Edge monitors, APC battery back-up supply, and connection to Noho's server. Our workstations are available for location jobs as well.

Studio set cart.

You’ll find the identical studio set cart in each studio. Our rolling set carts were custom made for us by a manufacturer of laboratory and hospital equipment. But more important than the cart itself is what’s inside. Six drawers and three shelves filled with the tools and supplies most useful for a tabletop set. Use everything you need. There’s no additional charge, as it’s all included in our studio flat rates.

Inside you’ll find: adhesive putty, adjustable pliers, antistatic cloth, armature wire, assorted tapes, Bestine, Brillianize, Brasso, brushes, canned air, Cinefoil, cordless drill, cotton cloth, cotton gloves, crescent wrench, drill bits, dulling spray, erasers, fabric glue, flashlight, funnel, glue stick, glycerin, GooGone, Gorilla Glue, hammer, helping hands, hot glue gun, Krazy Glue, lead pencil, level, lighter fluid, Lucite cubes, mat knife, matte finish spray, monofilament, needle nose pliers, nylon cord, painting kit, pencil sharpener, positioning tools, putty knife, Q-tips, rubber cement, rubber mallet, safety mask, safety glasses, scissors, screwdriver set, Sharpies, silver polish, spray adhesive, spray bottle, staple gun, straight pins, syringes, t-pins, tape measure, turkey basters, tweezers, wax pencils, wax strips, wire snips, and a wood saw. View studio set cart.

Studio flat file.

Each studio contains a ten drawer flat file filled with supplies to make your shoot as effortless as possible. Use the supplies you need. There’s no additional charge, as it’s all included in our studio flat rates.

Inside you’ll find: an assortment of dot and finger flags, scrims, silks, & nets, black foamcor, black and white showcards, clear plexi (various sizes), cutting mat, gold cards, mirrors (various sizes), silver cards, straight edge, t-square, triangle, white foamcor, white plexi (various sizes), X-acto blade kit. View studio flat file.

Internet stations.

Each studio comes with its own imac internet station and the entire facility is outfitted for wired and wireless high speed internet access.

Black-out shades.

Because photographers often need darkness in the studio for lighting or long time exposures, we’ve installed opaque black-out shades on all studio windows.

Our Service.

At the risk of sounding cliche, we treat your job as if it were our own. We really do care about your job and will do whatever we can to ensure that it runs as smooth as possible.

Thank you for considering us for your next shoot.



It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 30 years since we started Noho Productions with one small studio and a classified ad in the back of Photo District News in 1993. The past three decades have been exciting and challenging with so much growth and change along the way.

Back in 1993, a still life photographer at the time, I decided to create a small rental studio adjacent to my own studio. Completely new to the rental studio business I naturally designed the studio based on my own needs as a “table top” photographer. Without fully realizing it at the time, this was something unique among rental studios, “a rental studio for still life photography”.

A small space (550 square feet) without any natural light or luxuries, the studio was anything but impressive. But we soon discovered that many people didn’t seem to care about that. We had what still life photographers needed: a film loading room, black-out shades, saw horses, plywood, plexi cubes, wax, armature wire, etc.

As word spread, we grew. We gradually built more studios, stocked our equipment room, added key staff to our team and learned a lot along the way from our clients. Year after year, we invested our profits in new studios and new equipment. Often, if a photographer asked for a piece of equipment that we didn’t have, we’d buy it. This growth led to a facility with 12 studios and one of the largest equipment rooms in New York, all while remaining focused on our still life niche.

With digital largely replacing film, Noho created a new digital department in 2005, again investing heavily in new equipment and talented personnel to be sure we stayed at the top of our game. As our digital department received such positive client feedback, it’s growth presented a new set of challenges. With the expanding role of our digital services, we decided in late 2007 to make a major structural change to Noho. We realized that we could not deliver the highest level digital services possible if we were spreading our effort out over 12 studios. So we began reducing our studio roster to 6 all-digital studios, enabling us to focus on delivering the highest quality digital services possible, as well as introducing our new flat rate studio concept.

It’s really been nothing short of a dream to stand back and look at the new Noho Productions. A first class facility where the world’s leading still life photographers come from all parts of the globe and shoot at Noho Productions. We hope you like the changes we’ve made and agree the new Noho Productions is the best yet....

Thank you for your support over the past 30 years,

Paul Grand, Owner