What makes Noho different?

Six Features Unique to Noho Productions:

The Noho Studio Flat File

Included in our studio flat rates

Inside you'll find: An assortment of dot and finger flags, scrims, silks, & nets, black foamcor, black and white showcards, clear plexi (various sizes), cutting mat, gold cards, mirrors (various sizes), silver cards, straight edge, t-square, triangle, white foamcor, white plexi (various sizes), X-acto blade kit.

The Noho Studio Set Cart

Included in our studio flat rates

Inside you'll find: Adhesive putty, adjustable pliers, antistatic cloth, armature wire, assorted tapes, Bestine, Brillianize, Brasso, brushes, canned air, Cinefoil, cordless drill, cotton cloth, cotton gloves, crescent wrench, drill bits, dulling spray, erasers, fabric glue, flashlight, funnel, glue stick, glycerin, GooGone, Gorilla Glue, hammer, helping hands, hot glue gun, Krazy Glue, lead pencil, level, lighter fluid, Lucite cubes, mat knife, matte finish spray, monofilament, needle nose pliers, nylon cord, painting kit, pencil sharpener, positioning tools, putty knife, Q-tips, rubber cement, rubber mallet, safety mask, safety glasses, scissors, screwdriver set, Sharpies, silver polish, spray adhesive, spray bottle, staple gun, straight pins, syringes, t-pins, tape measure, turkey basters, tweezers, wax pencils, wax strips, wire snips, and a wood saw.

That’s just a half dozen of our unique features.
Please see the About Noho Productions page to learn more about our facility and services.